Top 3 gifting options for Housewarming Parties

Top 3 gifting options for Housewarming Parties

Searching for the perfect gift for your family and friends at their housewarming party can be a daunting task. It is an important occasion to celebrate their new home. Let's discuss the top three gifting options from Qshi that you can choose from to give to your loved ones at their housewarming party, gifts that will surely hold a special place in their hearts:-

01. Ceramic Tableware : You can choose from a wide variety of tableware available on our store. Whether it's quirky coffee mugs and cute breakfast bowls to start their day with good vibes, or our unique Salt and Pepper Shaker set to make their new dining area more lively and aesthetic.

Ceramic Seasoning Set


Ceramic Mug


Breakfast Bowl

02. Home Decor : Home decor is a fantastic gifting option for a new home. You can assist your loved ones in decorating their new space by gifting them beautiful pieces from our store. From aesthetic doughnut vases for displaying fresh flowers to unique planters for adding a touch of greenery, we have everything to help them create a cozy and stylish home. Additionally, small yet elegant options like coasters or trinket trays can also make thoughtful gifts.


Ceramic Desk Planter


Donut Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Coasters


03. Scented Candles : A new home should not only look good but also smell good. You can gift scented candles to ensure that the house remains fragrant and beautifully lit, creating a cozy atmosphere for your loved ones. Choose from our elegant jar candles or cute flower or cloud-shaped candles in a variety of beautiful colors to add a touch of warmth and comfort to their new home.



Candle Jar

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